marie-eve levasseur

visual / media artist

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absence and addiction, embroidered t-shirts, 2014

The use of Smartphones and other mobile device results in an addiction in most cases. A bit like a drug, applications and the internet are always present in our brains. In the book Naked Lunch from William Burroughs and especially in the movie from David Cronenberg, we can witness a battle against drug addiction, which is similar to our relationship with internet nowadays. Drugs act like implants in our heads, that are, for a limited time, influencing our perceptions. Internet acts in a similar way.

The quote embroidered on the t-shirts comes from Naked Lunch, written the same way it was in the movie. « Dear Martin, plase help me, I've got to get out of Interzone, i'm dying of lonelynesx. I can,t connect with anybody. » Interzone here is a place you can reach on drug. The text is inserted in the material, like implanted or tatooed in a second skin, the piece of clothing. A similitude between screens and skins is shown through the typography and the colors that remind of the first computer screens. The t-shirts are installed as empty skins and reinforce the absence of the body.