marie-eve levasseur

visual / media artist

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subsystems of transparency (and the spectacular separation of myself), 2013
Video installation

The work brings different sources of information about one political event and question the reliability of the perception through social medias. In 2012 in Montreal, there was the biggest student movement Canada ever knew, to protest against a 75% increase of the sudent fees; a strike that became a social crisis when the right to demonstrate was compromised by the government. I was scrolling the whole thing on my Facebook wall everyday, following the events from Germany. Emotionally, i was there, but physically, i was here. I had the feeling everything was disproportionate. One click always brought me to another link (like internet structure works) and left me overwhelmed. Because i was not there, i literally drank the flow of informations, in order to follow every steps.

The demonstration become something like a moving Panopticon, a visible social machine in movement. Subjects in the crowd are constantly commenting, picturing and archiving what's happening on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. And only because they store and exhibit this information, i can see them.

On a cardboard panel, i show a video I made march 22nd, filming my laptop screen while watching a live stream of the first very huge demonstration of the student strike (200 000 people in the streets of Montreal). Through Twitter, i found that link to the stream, broadcast by a TV channel and filmed from their helicopters. At the same time, i chronologically transcripted all the twitters that i collected on an english channel and that concern the event unfolding on the screen. Those comments are scrolling slowly on the right side of the image.