marie-eve levasseur

visual / media artist

© marie-eve levasseur 2020
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body re-positioning, silk, steel, ventilator, variable Dimensions, 2015

“The post-anthropocentric shift away from the hierarchical relations that had privileged ‘Man’ requires a form of estrangement and a radical repositioning on the part of the subject. The best method to accomplish this is through the strategy of defamiliarization or critical distance from the dominant vision of the subject.”
Rosi Braidotti: The Posthuman, Politiy Press, 2013 S. 88

Before entering the room, you can hear the fan running. There is a quiet sound of wind, of the friction between metal and air, due to the rotation of the motor. Once you entered the room, you see a piece of glossy fabric hanging like a loop from a metal pole fixed to the wall. The printed silk fabric is floating above a metallic ventilator, which is simply lying on the floor. The image, printed on one side of the fabric, is a macro skin texture, and the scale of the fabric represents the size of the average surface of a human female body. The empty envelope formed by the textile is constantly and fluidly moving in the air.

© Fransisco Vogel

© Fransisco Vogel