marie-eve levasseur

visual / media artist

© marie-eve levasseur 2020
built with Indexhibit

chromatic chatter
Installation, printed fabric, wood, tattoed PVC, LEDs, aluminum, video projection, 304 x 450 x 600 cm, 2018

I see a purple skin like an unknown landscape, detached from the human body and implanted with the ever-changing surface of an octopus. Chromatic chatter is a fictional proposition of a poetical body modification. If humans could communicate through their form-changing surfaces, extend their language and their colors, they would have the potential to open the conversation with other species and become better allies.



I tell you, through the fabric of her shirt, one can perceive the emotional colors of her sleep. It's nearly possible to follow her dreams, observing her surface moving patterns of colors and depicting textures, flowing from violet to silver, from smooth to bumpy, like she would be a giant cuttlefish in an agitated sleep.

Suddenly, she shows folds of skin resembling a garden of weird flowers all over.
Brilliance of passing clouds display, waves of darker tones flowing over the skin. She moves in a graceful dance, a contortion of the arms like she would have more than two.
The color changers are skilled at moving patterns, shapes, like a Voronoi calculation from random seed.
Turning from red, darkening to brown, now appears a bump, and I see patches of white silver forming and disappearing.
I read yesterday that cephalopods flood their bodies with color according to their moods.


language extending
processing patterns
control learning
cellular network of perception
layered screen of pixel-like cells

a skinterface:
not yet in the genetic editing process of the human body…


I'm dreaming that I'm escaping. I taste, I touch, I see with my surface.
bye bye body-brain divide.
I have eyes in the skin, seeing and changing its dimensionality
to escape the other eyes, modifying the appearance of my body.
I can imitate any background, fine bumps, rough bumps: bumpiness of survival.
I can control that layered morphing screen with my whole self.
Chromatically I sense, I respond, I communicate.
I can even cancel my shadow.

I'm becoming octopus.