marie-eve levasseur

visual / media artist

© marie-eve levasseur 2020
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swiping compressed filtered love, et enfin, permettre l'incontrôlable
video, 3D animation, 11:53 min., 2019

#datingapps #oceandespossibles #screenbasedseduction
#bestmatchingtutorials #mathematicalromance #filteredflirt #becomingsponge

Levasseur examines the strategies of encounter using the filters of an algorithm and beyond language. It is a fictive extension that gives the filtered flirtation an uncontrolled dimension by simulating hormonal emissions.

Special thanks to:
Karin Abt-Straubinger Stiftung, Jessica Arseneau, Bell Flavors & Fragrances GmbH (Justyna Dehne-Degenkolb & Peter Rabke), BSMNT (Ronny Szillo & Marian Luft), Jean-Damien Charmoille, Karoline Fabian, Kathrin Fritzsch, Ya-Wen Fu, Andreas Giesecke, Halle 14, Sofia Hernandez, Joachim Pirl, Marcel Raabe, Ingmar Reichert, Tobias Schillinger, Hannes Uhlenhaut (Studio Paunsdorf), Simon Wiese.