marie-eve levasseur

visual / media artist

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In my work Untitled (2010), i tried not to see what the screen show, but show what the screen is. By focusing on the traces left by our fingers in motion on the touchscreen while intuitively manipulating a flow of information, and by leaving the screen black instead of showing the changing content, i try to distance myself from the usual maneuver in a specific purpose. Hence, i reflect something about the screenspace, this surface between mediated content and our bodies. We leave traces of a choreography like an involuntary painting and we often just clean those poetic vestiges avoiding a contemplative gaze on our dirty fingerprints. We refuse to see them because we would prefer that the screen remain transparent at all time in order to forget that this surface even exists. « […] They [the screens] mediate perceptions and interactions, effacing their own identities in the process. » [Turkle, 2011] If the screens are fading behind the content they transmit, they are also giving the user more space for building a personal device that reflects her identity.